Amigurumi heart – pattern update!

amigurumi hearts on a stick
amigurumi hearts on a stick

My amigurumi heart pattern has gone through a thorough update.

The pattern was first written in 2012. Now, 10 years later, I decided to give it a new look, and improve the contents as well.

The heart itself is a sweet little thing to make. Yet you can do many cool things with it and include it in different projects. For example glue them on a 3D postcard and put them on a wreath, make ponytail holders or brooches. Amigurumi dolls or bears holding a heart are also a lovely idea.

However, there is one super cool idea for the Valentine`s, and it`s putting the hearts on a stick. In the updated version of the pattern I´ve included that option as well. The pattern will show you step by step how to do it.

little amigurumi heart crochet pattern
amigurumi heart pattern

For the past two weeks I´ve been addicted to crocheting the little hearts. With the small balls of Scheepjes Catona it`s so much fun. I don`t even know for whom or why I´m making them. It`s simply addictive!

My amigurumi heart pattern has a simple and free online version. Discover it here.

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