Amigurumi beginner pattern – free and easy

easy amigurumi bear
easy amigurumi bear

Here`s another great amigurumi beginner pattern. It`s easy and available for free. Let me introduce you to Smugly Bear – the easy amigurumi bear.

I have just recently published a free version of Smugly bear in my blog. Why? Because it`s a great pattern for amigurumi beginners, and that way it will hopefully spread much wider. For those who prefer a downloadable and printable pdf version, it`s still available in the shop. The premium version has process photos too which the free version does not.

easy amigurumi smugly bear
amigurumi beginner pattern
easy amigurumi bear

Why I recommend this pattern for beginners

  1. Perfect size. Too small and too big toys can be complex for the start. This bear is in the perfect middle size, so it`s easy to work and sew the pieces together.
  2. Simple stitches. You only need single crochet. The entire bear is worked with single crochet only, which is the very basic stitch in amigurumi. So with this design you`ll get an opportunity to practice it well.
  3. No color changes. The bear is worked with one color only, so there will be no color changes which can be confusing at the beginning. Due to the use of some fabric and felt pieces, and some gorgeous embroidery details, it still doesn`t look dull which can easily happen if the design is very basic.
easy amigurumi smugly bear
amigurumi smugly bear

Want to try making this easy bear for beginners?

Get a simple free version here.

Or purchase a printable pdf pattern with photos.

easy amigurumi bear

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