Color of May – Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge

color inspiration violet

The fifth month of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge is starting. The color of May is violet. Scroll down to read about how to use the color of the month.

I´m totally having a problem when it comes to red and purple shades. But that`s exactly why I need this challenge. It will force me to look deeper into these colors, play with them, and help me find a combination that works for me. So I am really eager to start this month and see where it takes me. What about you?

color inspiration violet

This crochet challenge is about crocheting cute bunnies, but even more it`s about challenging yourself in combining the colors.

Let me explain 3 possible ways to approach the color of the month.

  1. Use it as the main color. For example, if the color of the month is light blue, make a light blue bunny, choose a contrasting color for the eye patches and the tail, and add some colorful fabric to spice it all up.
  2. Use it as the contrasting color. Let`s say the color of the month is purple. Perhaps you don`t like purple too much, so you don`t want to make a purple bunny. Use it as the contrasting color for making the eye patches and the tail. Find a main color that will match with purple, and bound it all together with a suitable fabric.
  3. Choose your own color. You don`t necessarily have to stick to the color of the month if it doesn`t inspire you.

Share the photo of your finished bunny on Instagram. Tag me @lilleliis_official, so I could see your photo too. Also, add #lilleliispattern#sweetchildhoodbunny and #rainbowbunnychallenge.

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