Crochet moon fairy doll

crochet moon fairy doll

I am excited to show you my crochet moon fairy doll, a VIP project I´ve been working on for the past few weeks. It`s an order from my sister. She requested a gift for a baby girl named Luna. And she had a vision of a girl sitting on the moon, inspired by the logo of DreamWorks animation studio. Here`s how it turned out.

crochet moon fairy doll

When she first told me about the vision she had, I instantly thought of a moon shaped dream catcher instead of an actual crocheted moon. I´m really proud the way I figured out how to turn the moon frame into a crocheted moon, and a very stylish one. To be honest, I´d use this in my bedroom without a hesitation. It`s very minimalist ja lightweight.

crochet moon fairy doll
crochet moon and stars dream catcher

At the beginning, I wasn`t quite sure how the doll should look like, but I wanted it to have bending legs, so it would sit as naturally as possible. Therefore, I skipped the idea of a skirt, and went for a striped pajamas. She`s like a newer version of Cuddly baby. To emphasize the girlish look, I added braided hair. The elf ears make her look a bit mysterious.

I am super happy with how this crochet moon fairy doll turned out. And, I will give myself some bonus points for not buying any new yarn for this project :)

crochet doll moon fairy
crochet moon fairy doll

10 thoughts on “Crochet moon fairy doll

  1. Kelly Lauta says:

    I just finished my Luna (except for the hanging ribbon) and put a picture of her on Ravelry. Will the pattern ever be posted there so that I can link my project?
    I just love her and all of your patterns!
    Thank you!
    Kelly (lautakel on Ravelry)

  2. Linda says:

    Hi. I love the moon fairy. When will the pattern be available. I’d love to make her. Thx linda

    • lilleliis says:

      Hi, Linda! I´m glad to hear you like it. I do plan on writing the pattern but haven`t yet received the moon frames to continue working on this design. I will keep my followers posted through my blog and newsletter.

  3. Ddanner says:

    Your creativity amazes me Mari-Liis! I love the way your mind works and how you can imagine and then create such beautiful fantastic toys and dolls! Awesome little fairy 💜🌷

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