Amigurumi bird pattern

crochet bird christmas ornament

I feel so happy to announce my new amigurumi bird pattern is completed and available in the shop. The bird received lots of love on Instagram and Facebook, so I quickly started working on the pattern. There isn`t much time until Christmas, so it was essential to bring it out soon.

So here it is. You can start making Christmas decorations, tree ornaments and gifts for your friends.

crochet bird christmas ornament
crochet bird christmas ornament

Amigurumi bird pattern is in advanced skill level. This may seem odd because the bird is such a little thing to make. However, it`s because you need to work with 2 colors at once. Do you know the technique? I have written a tutorial about it here.

In the pattern I used Scheepjes Catona in the classical colors of Great Tit – blue and yellow (color codes are included in the pattern). In the instructions you will find different color schemes of the birds you can see on the product photos.
For projects like this I highly recommend Scheepjes Catona color pack including 109 small balls of every color. It`s so inspiring and simply amazing for such a project! I´ll guarantee you cannot stop before making this and this and this color combo :)))
crochet bird christmas ornament


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