Tutorial – How to crochet with 2 colors at once (video)

crochet with two colors at once

If you`re already in an advanced level of amigurumi, you might need Crocheting With 2 colors At Once technique. Of course it`s used in regular crochet projects as well, like pillows or scarves, but I am concentrating on amigurumi.

In this video tutorial I am showing how to crochet with two colors and carry the unused yarn with you.

When crocheting with two colors at once, you carry the yarn you`re not working with along. So you don`t have to fasten off and rejoin every time you make a color change. Put the strand of the unused color on top of the stitches of the previous round and work the new stitches around this strand. You can bring the color back up when you need it again.

In the video tutorial I am starting the 2-color part of my Amigurumi French Bulldog head.

How to crochet with 2 colors at once tutorial

Just to convince you how useful a practice can be, here are 2 photos showing how my skills developed. You can see on the left that first the unused yarn was annoyingly showing between the crochet stitches. On the photo on the right you can a much better quality. I discovered that you need pull the unused yarn to keep it tight. If it`s too loose, it will start to show. But watch out, if you pull too tightly, it will start to narrow the piece and affect it`s shape.

Even if it looks a bit complicated at first, don`t give up, just keep practicing!

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6 thoughts on “Tutorial – How to crochet with 2 colors at once (video)

  1. Pablo Schiaffino says:

    Hello, I have been crocheting for a few weeks now, and I would really love to recteate this hat:

    I have a general idea of how to do most of it, but the wavy lines (I won’t add the black line) seem to be difficult, I was wondering if you have any tips, I will try your tutorial, but maybe something more specific to achieve the look.

    The alternatives I’ve found are crocheting two pieces and sewing them together (I’d like to do only one piece).

    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. Kay says:

    Your crocheting is perfect, I have trouble keeping my tension the same, I make 2 ears and one ends up bigger than the first one, so frustrating! Any suggestions p,ease

    • lilleliis says:

      Hi, Kay! How long have you been crocheting? Usually it`s the question of beginners who haven`t yet found THEIR OWN crochet tension. But I know advanced crocheters too who say that you definitely need to crochet 2 ears at the same day, otherwise they will look different.

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