Crochet Christmas ornaments in pink

free crochet pattern dove

I am super excited to feature the last color of Christmas color trends 2020. Can you believe it, it`s pink!!!

Navy was a little unexpected, turquoise felt strange, but pink sounds totally insane! However, I got really inspired when I started to think of pink Christmas tree and all those fancy Christmas ornaments in pink. So finally, I came up with a new free crochet dove pattern to share with all of you.

These crochet dove ornaments are perfect to put on a Christmas tree or to decorate your home for the Easter. I like the variability.

I love the glamour these birds carry in them. The golden peak and sparkling eyes made of spangles and golden beads. They turned out so stylish.

crochet dove christmas ornament
crochet dove free pattern

I made 5 birds in different shades of pink using the same fabric which bounds them nicely together. But, you can crochet all doves in the same color of yarn using different fabrics to give each bird a slightly different look.

I can imagine these birds in pretty much any color!

christmas ornaments pink

A set of white doves would probably look amazing too. Like a symbol, dove of peace.

What would be your color pick for dove ornaments?

free crochet pattern dove


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