Crochet Christmas decor in navy

crochet christmas decor navy
crochet christmas decor in navy

I read about Christmas color trends 2020 and got inspired. One of the suggested colors was navy so I decided to give it a go and crochet a Christmas tree garland in dark blue.

I used my own pattern from 2017. It always becomes a hit before Christmas. Find pattern here.

This was an exciting experiment. Navy blue definitely isn`t a traditional Christmas color in Estonia. We rather use red and gold.

I think the garland turned out beautiful. I combined blue with orange. A tree trunk in a lighter shade of blue would have been nice too. The trees are attached on a rustic rope with wooden buttons and dark satin ribbon. There`s a nice contrast between different materials and colors.

The trees doesn`t necessarily have to be attached into a garland. You can use them separately on Christmas cards, or decorate the tree and gifts.

crochet christmas tree decor
crochet christmas tree garland

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      Hi, Patricia, and thanks for the purchase! As far as I can see the pattern has been downloaded. In case there`s any problem, please contact me via email (

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