Christmas color trends 2020 in crochet

christmas color trends 2020 crochet

In this post I want to bring to you Christmas color trends 2020 from the crochet aspect. I´ve explored the theme during the last month at and, and experimented on my crochet designs to see how the trendy colors look in the real life. So here they are!

christmas color trends 2020 crochet


Navy seems to be the top 1 pick for Christmas 2020. It can be combined with so many colors including white, silver, gold, platinum and red.

I made a Christmas tree garland in navy with a little addition of orange. I´ve given the design an additional rustic accent with jute rope and wooden buttons. Remember, these days rustic is also a popular keyword in Christmas trends.

Find pattern: Christmas tree garland

crochet christmas decor in navy


There`s another popular greenish-blue shade for Christmas decor. It`s turquoise. Valued for it`s light, airy and luxurious look.

I made some crochet gingerbread house ornaments in turquoise combined with brown. Together with cupcakes, ice cream cones, marshmallows, and other tasty treats gingerbreads are a rising trend. Especially when made in pastel and fun colors.

Find pattern: Gingerbread house ornaments

crochet gingerbread house ornament


Pink is a trending color in Christmas decor! It`s bold, chic and glamour. The question is, are you brave enough for pink Christmas decorations?

I designed a new dove crochet ornament to show you the beauty of pink. Mixing different shades of pink and playing with some golden yarn and shiny spangles makes these birds to stand out.

Free pattern: Crochet dove ornament

free crochet pattern dove


Christmas doesn`t necessarily have to be colorful and glamour. Neutrals are also in fashion. Think of white, gray and beige. Also natural materials, such as clay and concrete.

I turned my gingerbread house ornament into a simpler crochet house motif and attached on a rope with clothespins.

Pattern: a simplified version of Gingerbread house ornament

little crochet house motif


In crochet, we only have limited possibilities for using gold or metal in our work. But we can spice our Christmas decorations with some elements to get the effect. I´ve crocheted these Christmas trees in simple gray tones, but bound them into a garland with golden yarn. Look how much style it adds!
You can add beads, spangles, golden thread for hanging etc to pretty much any decoration you make.

Find pattern: Christmas tree garland

crochet scandinavian style christmas garland

So, navy, turquoise, pink or neutrals. Which one is your pick for Christmas 2020? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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