Stupid hen no 2

stupid hen no 2

Stupid hen no 2 is finished. This time, worked from the bottom up. The legs and wings attached on the go. And in a new alternative color combination. What do you think of it?

stupid hen no 2

Overall, it felt better to work the body from the bottom up. However, the comb on the top of the head looked nicer when the body was worked from the top down. That`s the only down side for me.

It was interesting to attach the legs and wings on the go. Basically what it means is that you first crochet the wings and legs, and when you work on the body, you crochet these parts in. This means less sewing at the end.

I know many of you are waiting for the pattern, and I think I´m ready to start writing it down.

But I was thinking, what about a crochet along to make some cute and funny hens together? Let`s say at the end of August.

Let me know in the comments if you`d prefer a crochet along or a pdf pattern.

157 thoughts on “Stupid hen no 2

  1. debbie goodwin says:

    would love both, cal and PDF or is that greedy lol would love to make with one with everybody but would also like to make one for all nephews and nieces.

  2. Kerrie Kean says:

    I think the stupid hen is gorgeous.
    I would love to do a CAL-not sure how well I will keep up but will give it my best go!
    I love your patterns as they are a little bit different from other ones, and they are very quirky

  3. Denise Cessna says:

    I would prefer a pdf, as I may not always be available to participate in a CAL. Thanks so much!🐔

  4. Denise Cessna says:

    I would prefer a pdf, as I may not be available for a CAL. Thanks so much!🐔

  5. Bieke says:

    Fill the internet with hens! Do a crochet a long, you can always release the pattern as a pdf after… fingers are already itching to get started.

  6. Trish Vogelsong says:

    I would love to have a PDF so that I can crochet lots of hens any time I want to, please.

  7. Sylvia Vida says:

    Hello…My name Sylvia! I’m from Hungary! I would prefer a pdf pattern. Thanks for sharing.! Have nice Day! 😊😉

  8. Debi Griffiths says:

    I would love a pattern as I would struggle to do it on line x it’s so beautiful xx

  9. Ellen Imrie says:

    A CAL will be fun to do but I’m not sure if I’ll be ready to join it. A pattern when ready will also be nice. My daughter has a pet chicken so your “stupid” chicken is a sweet little chicken and not at all stupid. 😂❤️

  10. Kelly says:

    A crochet along would be amazing. I can’t wait for my insta feed to fill with these cuties.

  11. Annette Lindgreen Therkelsen says:

    Hun er bare så smuk. En CAL vil være så dejligt det er morsomt at følge dag for dag hvordan det vokser frem 💖

  12. Rebecca Haughn says:

    PDF Please. I have a book for when I am done quilting to pick up the crochet hook, thank you for the offer.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I would love a pdf pattern. I’m currently working on some of your other patterns so I would like to have a pdf to make it later.

  14. Patti Bennett says:

    I would be happy with either one. This hen looks adorable! I have a number of friends who have hens and would love this!

  15. Natasha McArdle says:

    Oh she’s adorable ! Would love a PDF as don’t have time to do a cal .
    Thankyou 🐓

  16. maree belle says:

    I love your hen, I like cal’s but never seem to have the time to do them at the right time so pdf for me.

  17. Elaine D says:

    I’m not partial to either a CAL or pdf, but I am partial to chickens! I raised chickens for many years and now that I’m in a condo which doesn’t allow them, I look for adorable crochet patterns like this. Thanks for sharing, either way!

  18. Renée Bolzinger says:

    j’adore cette poule pas si stupide!!!!! et j’aimerai la faire très vite, donc pour moi je préfère un PDF et bravo pour cette adorable poulette!!!

  19. Renee says:

    Would prefer a pdf as my schedule is hard to predict … I lovechickens and have a bunch of them…

  20. Pat says:

    I really like the stupid hen, it is funny and cute all at the same time. I love the skinny little legs.

  21. Toni says:

    A CAL would be fun, but I’ll take her however you want to share her. I have some crazy hens living in my backyard!

  22. Teresa Brown says:

    I’d rather have the PDF since I don’t know if I’ll have the time for a CAL. Thanks!! Little hen is just the most adorable think I’ve seen in a long time!!! <3

    • Eleanor says:

      Would prefer the pattern. I collect chickens and do not have a crocheted one. Yours would be a perfect addition! Look forward to getting the pattern! Just darling!

  23. Jean Staples says:

    i think your ‘stupid” hen is not so stupid. it’s ADORABLE. I would love to have it as a PDF pattern when available. TFS

  24. Stephanie Moloney says:

    A CAL would be fun, but time not always suitable, particularly on this side of the world! PDF please.

    • Mary says:

      Sooo cute. Love it. 💕💕
      I’d prefer Crochet-Along, that way I’d get it done, PDF when available.

  25. jean mcguire says:

    I love it its so quirky yet cute . I would love both -the pdf pattern and to join in the crochet -a-long, but I,m not very good at keeping up.

  26. Viviane says:

    I am also from Belgium. I would like a PDF please. Thank you very much. The hen is beautiful.

  27. Tricia says:

    I would love to be part of a CAL. I very much admire your designs and I’m keen to learn new tips as I’m self taught.

  28. Greta Snyers says:

    Hou van alle 2.
    Pdf is gemakkelijk, maar samen haken is ook leuk.
    Wat het ook wordt, ik doe mee!

  29. Sam says:

    I’m in for a crochet along or I’d be happy with a PDF, whatever you decide, looking forward to it! She’s adorable!!!!

  30. Kristine says:

    I would love to crochet along! I’ve never been a part of one before and have always wanted to join one! I would also love the pdf, so win win!

  31. Teresa Simmerer says:

    Crochet a long would be fun again. I don’t think she’s a stupid hen. She’s an adorable quirky hen!!

  32. Osnat says:

    Love this hen
    I prefer pdf pattern because it is different for me to do work with more people

  33. Lisa Wood says:

    I’m not great at keeping up with CAL’s due to other commitments but would love a pdf please

  34. Marieke Van Isterdael says:

    I want the pattern in Dutch. Yes even here the hen is loved. 😀And i love too crochet along with all the others in august

  35. Michelle B says:

    Crochet along sounds super fun.
    But… why is she called stupid? I’d like to call her adorable hen instead.

  36. Pira says:

    I would love to but don’t know how it works from people all over the world with different time zone🤔

  37. Carla says:

    I realy love the hen. It looks funny. I think i prefer a pdf pattern because i’m from Belgium and i sprak Dutch.
    I’m a big fan of you. I adore your books.

  38. Femmie Marcus says:

    I would like an pdf file so i can make her in my own time hope you understand but she makes me an smile as welll thank you very much
    Love Femmie

  39. Annette Deardurff says:

    I’d love a pattern for this – so cute! My grandkids raise chickens for the eggs and it would be a cute gift for them

    • Janice says:

      I would prefer the PDF. There are times when my arthritis makes it difficult for me to crochet.

  40. Dominique says:

    Both would actually be great.CALs are fun but not always doable at the time of the CAL. I would love a pdf.

  41. marie-noëlle Tanguy says:

    I love hens, and this one is lovely ! I would be delighted to get a free pattern.

  42. Janice says:

    I think she is Beautiful! She is contemplating… “should I go back into my coup and pull the covers up, or…. should I get moving and face another day!” (Maybe she needs coffee??)

    All of your creations are well done, Mari-Liis. I have worked from your patterns and they are easy to follow and a joy to make. A pdf would be good. Thank you, Janice

  43. Grace says:

    I crochet toys for local women’s and children’s shelter, they will love this one. Thanks, can hardly wait to get started.

  44. Grace says:

    I think it’s great, can’t wait for the crochet along…..I’ll be there with hook in hand ready to go.

  45. Elena says:

    This is an adorable idea to have a cal with lots of stupid hens!!!! 💓💓💓 I’m in if you call for it!!!!

  46. Terri Drake says:

    Would love to do a CAL of the stupid hen. She is adorable, but think she needs a dumb cock (rooster) to go with her so she won’t be lonely. Who knows maybe there will even be some chicks along the way.

    • Jamie Giovinco says:

      This hen is so dang cute! I’d love a PDF but would join a Sal! English pattern would be fabulous!

  47. Peg says:

    A crochet along is a clucking excellent idea 🐥
    Love the crazy chook, definitely needs to be made in crazy colours!

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