Little amigurumi kitty pattern is now free

small amigurumi cat
free amigurumi patterns little kitty

The very first pattern I ever wrote – Little amigurumi kitty – is now available for free use on my website. The inexpensive PDF version is still available for purchase and includes step-by-step photos for even more comfortable guidance throughout the entire process.

free amigurumi cat striped tail
small amigurumi cat

Maybe you`re wondering what`s the difference between the free and paid patterns? Well, my free patterns are mostly text only, the explanations aren`t that detailed. It is more up to you where to place the ears, limbs etc. However, if you prefer lots of process photos and detailed explanations about where and how to attach the parts, then paid patterns are for you.

amigurumi pattern free cat

It`s funny how the working routines or aesthetic preferences change during the years. I´ve noticed that I´ve started to use smaller hooks. I used 3.5 mm crochet hook when I made my first cats back in 2011. Now, with the same yarn, I used 2.5 mm instead. Surprisingly they turned out almost the same size.

free amigurumi patterns little kitty

I´ve been really naive about cats you know. I always childishly thought cats have slit pupil eyes. Now that I have two cats of my own I can see that their pupils change due to light. Sometimes they have really huge round pupils but when there`s lots of light they have really slit ones. This is my very first cat with round pupil eyes!

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