New pattern – amigurumi ragdoll princess

amigurumi princess crown

I am happy to announce the new Amigurumi ragdoll princess pattern is live now! It`s an advanced pattern full of gorgeous details and a couple of new and clever techniques.

amigurumi princess crown
amigurumi princess pattern

The idea of a new princess doll started haunting me since I was writing my last book Lovable Amigurumi Toys. No matter how I tried, I didn`t get it ready for the book. Now, a year later, I had no trouble finishing her. This is my fourth princess of this type and I must say I learned a lot with each and every one of them. You can follow my progress here – doll no 1, doll no 2, doll no 3.

amigurumi ragdoll princess pattern
amigurumi doll bending legs

I developed a new body type with bending legs, so when the doll sits it looks natural. The body is rather flat, that`s why I call it a ragdoll.

The hair is made in a new 3-layered hair technique which I am very proud of. The full guide for making the yarn hair is included in the pattern and got positive feedback from the pattern testers. If the hair is attached to the head in 3 different layers it gives a very natural look as if the hair is actually covering the head.

crochet princess dress
amigurumi ragdoll princess pattern

Amigurumi ragdoll princess pattern is available in English.

More languages coming soon.

2 thoughts on “New pattern – amigurumi ragdoll princess

  1. Kathy Horne says:

    I like her a lot, and her sister. Is the blue in doll 3’s dress like a periwinkle blue? Will you be making the dolls some old fashioned pantaloons before you are done designing? They just work for princesses in longish dresses. Hoping for you to have success in your endeavours.

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