Hilda the Ragamuffin

amigurumi cat face
amigurumi hilda the ragamuffin

I´ve been wanting to crochet Hilda the Ragamuffin for a long time. So here she is, this time made using cotton yarn. I chose the shiny Drops Muskat for the main color, and matt Drops Cotton Light for the clothes and shoes. I really love this slight difference in the texture. It doesn`t show much on the photos, but it shows in real life. Working with these yarns is a pleasure, they`re my favourite cottons at the moment to be honest.

amigurumi cat striped dress
amigurumi shoes

Hilda`s shoes have always been my favourite. I`ve used the same style in other designs as well, for example Doris the Old-fashioned teddy bear, but for Hilda I designed them more colorful and used those gorgeous big buttons.

I used 4 colors for the clothing just as indicated in the pattern, but as you can see I used them a little bit differently. It`s great to give each toy some variety and experiment with colors as you go.

crochet cat pattern
amigurumi cat face

I have only one more pair of those huge cat eyes left, in soft orange tone. It would be so exciting to make another color version of her, but my fingers are itching for new designs and pattern writing, so I´d better listen to them, hahaa!!! :)

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