Let yellow inspire you!

yellow inspiration board

The color of Treasure the Teddy crochet challenge in May is yellow!

yellow inspiration board

In Estonia we are so waiting for the summer to arrive. There have been first warmer days, as if to remind us that summer still does exist. Estonians seem to be longing for summer all year round. There`s just too little time we have the sun shining, flowers blooming and sea warm enough to swim. We miss to wear our sundresses and flip flops :) Estonians tend to complain a lot about bad weather. And lots of us try to escape from here between October and February when it`s the coldest and darkest period of the year.

So this inspiration board definitely is dedicated to all Estonians who miss summer as much as I do!

More info about how and why we`re doing Treasure the Teddy CAL can be found here.

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