Gray crochet kitten with a poppy flower

gray crochet cat toy
gray crochet kitten with poppy flower
gray crochet kitten

Gray crochet kitten with a poppy flower is a customer order and will travel to Canada, Ontario. The idea started with this bunny made already years ago.

The cat is based on my Amigurumi Cuties pattern. I have made several different animals using the same base pattern. I had never tried a cat though. It was fun. The cat didn`t have too many adjustments to make. I added a specific muzzle and a striped tail.

First I didn`t find a good match with the red poppy color, but once I tried a little bit warmer orange shade, it all started to work beautifully together.

gray crochet cat
gray crochet kitten striped tail

Made with merino wool. Feet covered with fabric (tutorial can be found here).

The cat is sitting and approximately 14 cm of height.

gray crochet cat toy

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