crochet mouse in overalls

I want to talk about some new designs created for the new Estonian book that will be released in September.

Secretly I´ve been working on several new designs since 2021 when we agreed on a new Estonian amigurumi book. Since then I´ve made over 70 sample toys including 6 mice – 3 girls and 3 boys. These ones here are the very first samples of the mice design.

If you want to purchase finished handmade mouse toys then here you will find the girl mouse and the boy mouse.

When you look at them, maybe you recognize the Rag doll cat. It`s one of my favorite creations from the past years not to consider the times when I designed toys for my own kids. I love the Scandinavian and a little bit rough style, flat and quirky shapes.

crochet mouse in overalls
crochet mouse in overalls
crochet mouse in overalls

The idea of turning Rag doll cat into some other animal was there from the beginning. But, as it happens in life, other things came on the way and it was left undone. So I picked up the idea for the book and the mice were born.

First I made the girl version with a collar and cute lace ribbon on the front of the dress. I love the ruffles. I discovered a way of working them on the way and really want to teach this technique to you as well. There are other new and comfortable techniques I´ve discovered when preparing the new book. I hope to bring them to you as soon as possible and I really hope you will fall in love with these little tricks.

People often ask for a reverse sex version of the toy, so this time I decided to make them as a couple.

crochet mouse toy lace dress
crochet mouse tail

What were the main design issues and the reason I had to make 6 samples? Well, one of the questions was the ears. Wheather to cover them with fabric or not.

Also the nose. There were different options for this to try out.

But the main reason was to test different yarns and colors. These first samples are made in cotton, but the style of the new book is a little bit different so I ended up with woolen mice which you`ll see here in this blog someday in the future.

crochet mouse toy lace dress

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