White bunny with poppy flower

I want to show you a customer order I just finished – a white bunny with a poppy flower on her head. Those who are familiar with my work probably recognize the Tufty bunny from Amigurumi cuties pattern. It`s probably one of my most used pattern. I´ve made tens of these bunnies as customer orders. I enjoy the endless possibilities of mixing different colors and fabrics. And the result is almost always adorable.


This time the bunny was made for a soon to be born baby girl whose mother adores poppies. I am so pleased with the delicate white and red combination. It brings Christmas colors in mind and that suits perfectly as it`s going to be a winter baby. The poppy on her head and light creamy eye patches add some tenderness.

I invented this crochet poppy flower myself. It was quite a lot of work and experimenting, but was definitely worth it.

The pattern is available in my shop.

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5 thoughts on “White bunny with poppy flower

  1. Serhan says:

    I like your patterns, thanks for your effort! What I want to ask you is; would you share or sell the pattern of this poppy flower’s pattern? Thanks. Duygu

  2. Shannon says:

    Your work is so lovely. You are a true artist. Please can you explain how you sew on the fabric appliqués to your amigurumi so that they look so nice & neat? Would love to use this technique in my own work. Thank you!

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