Theodor – the new teddy bear pattern

During the last month I´ve been working on a new teddy bear pattern. In august I published Doris the old-fashioned teddy girl who`s wearing a luxury removable dress. And as that was something special for the girls I felt irresistible need to create a bear for boys too.

I named him Theodor. He is based on one of my earlier designs but I wanted to develop his clothing, so most of the time went on inventing the perfect trousers.


I also added the scarf. That was more of an emotional decision as it is winter and feels quite cold all the time. I guess I wanted to keep my teddies warm :)

His pants and scarf are removable. You don`t necessarily need to make any clothing but in my opinion he looks sweeter with the pants!

First I made the bear with the fabric, but then noticed that when I put the trousers on and off the fabric on his feet started to fray a bit. So I tried the version without the fabric and he came out really nice. In the pattern there are both options included.

Once again I will have to thank Laura for the extraordinary hand painted safety eyes. They really give a special touch to my toys.

“Theodor the teddy bear” pattern is available in my shop.

Below you will find some of my toys made to the same pattern. Just for an inspiration for what you can create with a single pattern.


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