Big and red merino cat

big and red merino cat head
big and red merino cat

I was happy to do this customer order of a big and red merino cat. The customer wanted specifically a red fat cat. Karl Fisherman from my book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys has a huge butt and quite a full belly, so it seemed perfect.

big and red merino cat legs

I really enjoyed putting this color combo together. The rust red merino from BBB Full was such an inspiring color. It started working beautifully together with yellow and white. But I think the final touch was adding some gray, which nicely balanced the rest of the colors and brought the whole design together.

big and red merino cat
big and red merino cat

The height of the red cat is 30 cm / 11.8 in, so it`s no little kitty. It`s a huge one for a baby, and a nice and big one for a toddler.

If you want to make a similar cat, look for my book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys. It`s available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Estonian. The pattern is not sold separately.

big and red merino cat head

8 thoughts on “Big and red merino cat

  1. María Virginia Rivera de Mayorga says:

    Quiero saber que valor tiene el libro , en pesos colombianos.o es posible la venta de paso a paso del gato. Me parece hermoso. Y ese en que idioma vendría ? Claro si es posible en español , porque al comprar el libro saldría muy caro por la traducción.

  2. María Virginia Mayorga. says:

    Yo quiero hacer el gato negro , estoy en Bogotá Colombia , al leer entiendo que debo de comprar el libro donde viene varios patrones y entre esos está el del gato grande . Que precio tiene? El libro. O

  3. Karin Scheubner says:

    Sorry, but my English is not very good.
    I want to buy the instruction of the “big and red merino cat”.
    Is this possible in German or only in English?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Karin Scheubner

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