“Crochet Kittens” amigurumi kit

I have kept this secret for so long time, but not anymore. In a co-operation with The Book Shop from New York and Sterling Publishing we`ve published “Crochet Kittens” amigurumi kit and a booklet. It`s an exclusive product for US market and will be sold at Barnes and Noble.

The booklet includes 10 brand new designs. I´ve focused on including cats in different size, way of construction and skill level. All of them are created about a year ago, but I wasn`t allowed to show them to you until now. So here you are to browse the gallery and get to know all of them.

When I accepted this offer I was actually quite scared of how I will manage. As you know cats have never been my theme (Although I adore my own furry friends so much! One of them is on the photos as well, guess he scent the cat smell :)). But as I started working my hesitations slowly disappeared. One design led to another. Have you ever experienced it?! You make something and it gives you inspiration for the next project. Happily it happened to me this time as well, so after completing all 10 cats for this booklet I couldn`t stop and made some extra patterns (Meow cat and Rag doll cat) for my shop.

The kit includes materials for making 2 smaller cats – the green one called Tiny Kitten and the purple one named Playful Kitten. There is yarn, crochet hook, stuffing, safety eyes and even thread for stitching the nose.

The book is small, so it`s quite handy if you want to take it with you and crochet on the go.

So if making some cute cats feels right for you at the moment, then go and grab the crochet kit from Barnes&Noble shop or webshop.

Please note! The book won`t be sold separately. Also the patterns are written exclusively for this book and won`t become available online.

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