The best-seller of the Month – Christmas tree garland

I have been so happy to see how successful has the “Christmas tree garland” crochet pattern been during the previous month. It was actually announced to be the best-selling pattern of in November. It`s weird how proud can such things make me feel. Like a silly kid! So thank you all for buying the pattern and making it happen :)

I have seen so many beautiful Christmas trees made by you on Instagram. Thanks for tagging me :) It`s really warming my heart to see you preparing for Christmas, decorating your homes and embellishing the presents.

I have made a couple of trees too. This year for the charity fair at my son`s school. I was seeking for a new way of using them and attached the trees to a small natural willow wreath. I really love the combination of yarn and natural wood. Guess you can hang these on the tree, but they can decorate the doors, shelves or pretty much anything.

If you`re searching for nice Christmas decorations for your home or DIY gift ideas then Christmas tree can be it.

The pattern is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Estonian. Click here for more info.

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