Yarn ball wreath for Christmas

Making a yarn ball wreath is a super cool idea if you happen to have lots of yarn leftover. But let`s be honest, almost everybody who loves to crochet have it, right!

Making this home decoration is really easy and I´d say relaxing too. I used a polystyrene wreath bases, so it was easy to glue the yarn balls on it. Having a hot glue gun is something you really will appreciate when making this wreath. There`s a lot of yarn wrapping to do, but I found that truly relaxing.

I mixed different shades of neutrals and spiced my wreath with some fabric covered balls. It`s great to combine different textured yarn – cotton and wool, glossy and mat, rough and smooth. This makes your art piece so much more alive.

Now I just need to find a place where to hang my wreath.

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