12 month with Treasure the Teddy

Hello new crochet year! The holidays were wonderful. I spent a lot of time reading books or just doing nothing. That felt so good! How was your holidays? Has the year started well?

If you don`t have any major plans for 2019 I´d like you to join me in a challenge or crochet along, call it whatever :) I am planning to make one Treasure the Teddy each month. This bear is one of my earliest designs and I want to bring it in life again.

This crochet along leaves enough room for other projects as well, and there`s no pressure if you don`t want to participate every month.

My aim is to capture the colors and nature of each month and season. In my opinion mixing different yarns and fabric is the most thrilling part when making the same toy over and over again. I have made quite many bears for customers and still remember how fun it was and how each teddy came out different. I`ll add some photos here to introduce you the history of Treasure the Teddy and show some versions I´ve made back in 2011 and 2012.

The very first teddy of it`s kind. Made in January 2011.
Using mixtures of wool and acrylic, and 2 different fabrics.
Trying out organic cotton.
Using mottled merino wool, no fabric details added.
Using one of my favourite fabrics for this bear.
2012. Thanks to this bear I discovered Drops Nepal, one of my favourite yarns.

By the end of the year we all will have a collection of (hopefully) 12 teddy bears. That sounds totally worth the effort to me.
Will you want to join me in it?

You need “Treasure the Teddy” pattern to participate in this crochet along. The pattern is available in English, Dutch and Danish. You will be using the same pattern throughout the year. Until the end of January there is a 15% discount on this pattern only. Use coupon code: Treasure_cal2019

We`ll share the photos on Instagram. Please tag @lilleliis_official or add #lilleliispattern and #treasuretheteddy so I can see your photos too. I´ll share the best of them in my story`s too.

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27 thoughts on “12 month with Treasure the Teddy

    • lilleliis says:

      I saw your bear on Instagram. It `s like a breath of spring! Love it. I am just working on the body of my February bear. It will soon be ready. In March I want to go for bolder colors.

  1. Nellie says:

    So is it basically doing a teddy a month and we can do whatever colours we like. The only information you will give is the Inspiration Board?

    I have just bought the pattern.

    • lilleliis says:

      Hello, Nellie! If you don`t want to follow the inspiration board that`s okay too. You can be really creative and use whatever colors feel right to you. I know there`s a person who picked a flower for every month, so she will follow the color scheme of the plants. So, let`s just be bold and creative!

  2. Irma Cota says:

    One of my favorites! But then I love so many of your patterns it’s hard to pick a favorite, will get started right away!

  3. Tuuli says:

    I have a large variety of eyes and also bought yarn enough for three months (for january, february and march bear). Can’t wait to start :)

  4. Anna1972 says:

    I have download the Pattern. And I start when I have finished Puppy Paul.
    Thans for the lovely patterns you make, I like them all.

  5. Bfournier says:

    Are we each just doing our own thing with the pattern or waiting for a unified start? Will there be any yarn recommendations or just freestyle? This has always been one of my favorite patterns you have. There is just something so sweet about a classic teddy.

    • lilleliis says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words! You can give it a go when you`re ready. Many people have asked if there is a color theme or something. I´ll create an inspiration board in a couple of days for those who want to hold on to a theme. But overall you`re free to use any yarn you have / like and colors you think would match.

  6. Renee Savary says:

    Just downloaded mine .. looking forward to it … will you give a color theme for every month or do we just do the color we want/have ???

    • lilleliis says:

      Wonderful! You are absolutely free to use any yarn and colors you like. It would be awesome to see bears made with different materials and color combinations. My personal goal is to capture the nature of the seasons. So keeping in mind January here in Estonia I thought “frost” is a suitable theme. I´ll figure out some inspiration board in a couple of days and share it in Facebook and blog.

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