Big amigurumi pig

big amigurumi pig
big amigurumi pig

Big amigurumi pig was designed for my book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys. Have you tried the pattern?

Recently I got excited about finishing off some older projects. I had the head and ears of this pig waiting in the drawer like 5 years or so. I simply picked it up and finished the toy. That`s how this big amigurumi pig was born. And now it`s up in the shop available for domestication.

big amigurumi pig
big amigurumi pig

It`s a big toy. In the height of 38 cm / 15 in it also has a plumpy body, so all this makes it a super cuddle animal.

The yarn (Miss Tricot Filati Hotwool) is a mixtures of acrylic (55%) and merino wool (45%). It`s got the density which I like very much, but the softness of the purest merino.

big amigurumi pig

I often get asked about patterns that are in my books but not in the shop. Yes, it`s true that some patterns I only have in the books, and that is on purpose.

First, I think it gives an extra value to the book. There is something you cannot find anywhere else, that sounds exciting indeed, don`t you think!

Second, writing PDF patterns with photos takes a lot of time. Normally, when I finish a book, I want to start new designs instead of working on the same ones I just finished. So that`s just the human side of it.

Yet I hope you enjoy all my patterns, whether designed for an online shop or for the books! I know many of you are collecting crochet books, and have all mine as well. If you don`t happen to have any of my books, you can take a look at them here. Perhaps you`ll find something interesting you haven`t yet discovered.

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