Crochet sun and cloud motif – new garland pattern

crochet sun and cloud garland
crochet sun and cloud motif

Aren`t these crochet sun and cloud motifs sweet? You would like to make some by yourself? Well, I´ve got a great news for you. They`re now available as a pattern.

I know you love my Christmas garlands – the one with small Christmas trees and the other one with gingerbread houses. That`s why I created a new garland – with sun and cloud motifs.

Now you can have a garland all year round in the house, not only for Christmas time :) This one is specifically suitable for nursery room. Children will love the bright mood it brings to the room.

crochet cloud pattern
sun and cloud crochet pattern

The motifs can be made in different color to give your yarn stash a new life. Or you can choose a specific color scheme to match the colors in the room.

The motifs can be used as standalone appliques on children clothing, activity blankets, etc. Why not a hat with clouds, or a sweater with sun motifs on the pockets.

crochet sun and cloud garland

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