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Amigurumi Santa Mouse – free pattern

Amigurumi Blind Christmas CAL 2020 is over and I am super excited to announce Amigurumi [...]

Free amigurumi deer pattern

In the beginning of 2020 I had my very first blind amigurumi CAL. It was [...]

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French bulldog – new amigurumi pattern in progress

This is the new coming of my amigurumi French bulldog. This time I am planning [...]


Felix the Frog – top amigurumi freebie

There`s no doubt, Felix the Frog definitely is one of my top amigurumi freebies. I [...]

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Giant crochet teddy bear

Last week I worked on a giant crochet teddy bear. It was for Leo, the [...]


Woolen Smugly bear

Meet Smugly bear – the easiest amigurumi teddy bear I`ve ever designed. The pattern is [...]

Stripy sock puppy

Here`s a striped version of amigurumi sock puppy posted previously. It`s an awesome toy to [...]

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New freebie – amigurumi sock puppy

I believe everybody loves puppies and kittens, no matter if they`re dog or cat lovers! [...]

Amigurumi Fluffy Sheep

I was so happy when I received the customer order for making two Fluffy Sheep. [...]

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Little amigurumi kitty pattern is now free

The very first pattern I ever wrote – Little amigurumi kitty – is now available [...]

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Amigurumi monkey girl

I want to show you a cute amigurumi monkey girl. Making her is super easy! [...]


The third amigurumi safari animal is revealed

Yes, it`s a monkey! Mambo the Monkey. It`s the third and last amigurumi safari animal [...]