September bunny – Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 9/12

september bunny amigurumi

This is my September bunny. The ninth bunny of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 2021.

The color of September was brown. As you can see my bunny has nothing to do with brown. But it wasn`t supposed to be like this.

First, I planned using some golden brown flower printed fabric on his legs and ears. But then I got this beautiful fabric from a friend of mine, and thought this would work much better. I did bring in different shades of autumn leaves as the eye patches and the tail.

I think the overall combination of colors is quite fun and playful! And I don`t blame myself of not using the color of the month. After all, it`s not obligatory as long as we have fun with what we`ve chosen to use.

september bunny amigurumi
crochet bunny legs feet
amigurumi bunny ear

Yarn: Drops Karisma (sea green, mix 50)

Crochet hook: 2.5 mm

Fabric: recycled

Height of the finished bunny: 30 cm

september bunny amigurumi

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