May bunny – Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 5/12

crochet amigurumi bunny

This is my May bunny. The fifth bunny of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 2021.

crochet amigurumi bunny

I must say this outcome was a big surprise. Just as I said when publishing the color of May, I´m having a great issue with purple shades. It`s just not my color.

I didn`t want any additional purple yarn in my house, so I decided, no matter what shade, to use the few last skeins of what I already had. They matched surprisingly well with one of the fabrics just recently purchased, and the cotton yarn I found for the eye patches. So I got quite enthusiastic about this, and didn`t need to disappoint. The outcome was pretty much WOW!

As I was digging in my yarn basket, I found this unused bow. Mixing one more purple shade to the combination worked unexpectedly well. Plus, it gives an extra girlish look. The free pattern for making crochet bows in 3 different sizes can be found here.

crochet amigurumi bunny
crochet amigurumi bunny

Yarn: Drops Cotton Light (light lilac 25) – this is my first Sweet Childhood Bunny made with cotton yarn

Crochet hook: 3 mm

Fabric: flower printed cotton

Height of the finished bunny: 33 cm

Like the pattern? Find it here – Sweet Childhood Bunny

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