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Crochet kitchen cloth


Crochet kitchen cloth gives your home an entirely new look. Match the colors with the colors of your home. Use this cloth to clean the dining table and kitchen cabinets. You can easily wash it in the washing machine (may strech a bit).

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Christmas tree garland pattern is actually much more then it says. It`s so versatile and gives a lot of space for creativity. In this pattern you will get tree instructions with 3 different ideas of assembling. The garland can be used as a decoration on walls, shelves etc. The tree motif can be used separately as a tree ornament or in gift wrapping. Let your imagination guide you! Pattern in English, Spanish, Dutch and Danish.


Craft supplies

Yarn shopping bag

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Every crochet enthusiast needs a yarn shopping bag. Use it as a shopping bag or for carrying all your craft stuff and projects with you. Minimalist, scandinavian, black and white. But at the same time thoroughly practical. Wear it with proud and show the world that you are “a woman with the magical crochet power”.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Mõmmik is the mascot teddy bear of Tartu University Hospital Children`s Foundation. In 2015 lilleliis was honored to create an actual toy of the mascot. From each purchase 25 euros will be donated to the foundation which will use the money mainly for helping kids with rare diseases.


Cute teddy in a striped pajamas and a sleeping hat. Makes a beautiful gift for newborn and babies.


Rainy day bunny is colorful and soft. Lovely details of polka dot fabric make it a real eye-catcher. The bunny has long feet and it sits nicely. Great for both playing and cuddling. Made with 100% natural wool.


Sweetie cat is something special for little girls. Carefully chosen colors, lovely dress, eye lashes, blushed cheeks and tiny embellishments - all this definitely bring a smile on girl`s face. Perfect size for playing and cuddling.


Rag doll cat is a rough and old-fashioned looking toy which brights up the kids room as a decoration, but is also a nice toy to cuddle. Small details like hand stitched pockets, bow on the dress and cute cheeks give it a really unique look.


Sweet butterfly rattle will make any baby happy! Made in unisex colors. Organic cotton in beautiful pale shades is skin and environmental friendly. Makes a nice rattling sound.


This cute little Poppy bear is wearing a little crochet dress which can be removed. Her big polka dot eyes are painted by hand. Huge poppy flower is embellishing her head.


Sleepy teddy girl is wearing pink pajamas and cute slippers. She is holding a tiny cuddly bunny in her arms. There are many small details giving this toy an extra-ordinary look. As a more complex toy it`s suitable for the age 4+.


Medium sized bunny for toddlers. A very special look is achieved by mixing woollen and cotton yarn with a cute patterned cotton fabric. Tiny little bows and buttons add some extra sweetness.