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Safety eyes for amigurumi, crocheted, knitted or sewn toys. The set includes 10 pairs of black 6 mm plastic safety eyes with washers.


Safety eyes for amigurumi, crocheted, knitted or sewn toys. The set includes 10 pairs of black 8 mm plastic safety eyes with washers.


Beeswax for blushing doll`s cheeks. You can use it whether in making amigurumi or Waldorf dolls. Use a paper towel or fabric cloth (not included) and gently rub onto doll's cheeks with a circular motion.

Amigurumi patterns

Meow cat – amigurumi pattern


Meow cats are designed in a powerful and bright color combination and spiced with lots of eye-catching details. Your kid will fall in love with their kind look. Both cats wear non-removable clothes which is a great solution for smaller kids. The pattern includes the boy as well as the girl version. The boy has striped legs, he wears super cute pants and a fabric scarf. The girl is wearing tiny pants and a lovely top with a beautiful collar, she has a big bow attached to her head. Pattern in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and Dutch.

Craft supplies

Fray stop glue


You can use fray stop to prevent the ribbon ends from fraying. Thanks to it`s comfortable pen shape you can apply it even when you`ve already tied the ribbon in place. To apply touch the end of the ribbon gently with the tip of the applicator. Leave to dry and make sure it doesn`t touch anything until it`s completely dry.

Crochet instructions

Field flowers – pdf pattern


Crochet pattern includes instructions of 3 gorgeous field flowers - cornflower, poppy and daisy. Finished flowers can be used for different accessories: glued to a hair clip, ponytail holder, brooch pin, or sewn to a headband. Just as well they can be sewn to an amigurumi or any other item.


These tiny embellished hearts are sweet, humorous and just a little bit naive. They are suitable as a gift on any day, Valentine`s Day or if you wish to share a special message. Ponytail holders are suitable both for children and adults. Brooches may embellish your clothing, bag, shawl etc. The hearts can be put on a wooden stick as well (find tutorial here).


Heavenly elephant girl made in peach pink cotton yarn. Her ears are covered with beautiful flower printed fabric. She has a lovely ruffled lace collar around her neck, embellished with polka dot ribbon and a cute flower button. A true dream for little girls!

Home and accessories

“Sun and cloud” garland


Lovely decoration to bright up the girls room. Can be used as a decoration on walls, shelves etc. There are 5 mint green cloud and 4 peach pink sun elements on this garland. Perfect little handmade gift which comes in a gift box.


Amigurumi patterns

Pillow bear – pdf pattern

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Pillow bear is soft and woolly. Even his whimsical eyes are made of yarn, so it has no stiff parts. This pillow shaped teddy bear is a friend you can rest your head on when sleeping. It`s flat and soft. Crochet doilies on his body give him a very special touch. Pattern in English, Dutch and Danish.

Crochet instructions

Teddy bear dress – pdf pattern


Lovely ruffled crochet dress for a teddy bear or a doll. Fits a teddy bear / doll with 27 cm / 10.5 inches body circumference. Easy to change size by choosing thinner / thicker yarn and smaller / bigger hook.

Home and accessories

Bird ornaments “Sizzle”


Beautiful doves for decorating the Christmas tree or home at Easter time. Fabric imitating wings. Minimalist design, modern colors. Listing includes 2 doves in a lime green gift box.