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Amigurumi patterns

Mister Bunny – pdf pattern


Mister Bunny is a true gentleman - handsome and polite. He is wearing a white shirt with buttons, overalls and a solid hat. A tie around his neck give him the final polished look. Mister Bunny has a friend Miss Bunny (pattern sold separately).


Amigurumi patterns

Spotty the Cow – pdf pattern

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If you love spots, then Spotty the Cow will definitely bring a smile on your face :) Twisted tail and tiny horns make her completely irresistible.  


This teddy bear is probably one of my most favourited toys. I called it Treasure because I believe teddy can play an important role in our childhood and be a friend for a life time. It`s a classical bear with his legs crocheted in one piece with the body. Cute eye patches and small fabric details on his ears and tummy give something unique to his look. The best result is when made with woollen yarn. Every kid deserves a sweet teddy bear! Pattern in English, Portuguese, Danish and Dutch.  


Ballerina-mouse is a true and trustful friend for little girls. Her cute pink ears are ready to hear all the most secret dreams. She is perfect for playing as well as hugging. Ballerina-mouse wears non-removable clothes - leotard with puffed sleeves, ruffled skirt and ballerina shoes. Pattern in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and Russian.  

Amigurumi patterns

Sofia doll – pdf pattern


Crochet your little girl the sweetest friend! Sofia doll is like a little girl to whom your child can feel similarity. Her big eyes, girlish colors and flower headband make her irresistable. The dress and shoes are not removable. Pattern in English, Dutch, Danish and Turkish.


Chatterbox is a sweet and funny clown. A true friend of all kids around the world. Always happy and positive, encouraging and full of surprises. The toy has lots of small details that make him really special. It is an advanced pattern which requires skills and patience, but the result is definitely worth the effort! Pattern in English, Dutch and Danish.  


Doris is an old-fashioned vintage-looking teddy girl. She`s elegant and romantic. Doris wears a lovely ruffled dress, which can be removed. Under the dress she has little panties embellished with a bow. She also wears non-removable shoes. Cute eye patches and small fabric pieces on her ears give the special look. You can make dresses in lots of different shades for making the play even more fun. Pattern in English, Dutch and Danish.  


This is a pattern for crocheting an awesome superstar microphone in amigurumi style. It is a fun toy for children who love music and singing. A wonderful gift idea! This quick and easy pattern is suitable from beginners level.  


Princess Silver-shoe was created for all those little girls who are fascinated by the fairy tale world. She wears a beautiful ruffled dress, silvery shoes and golden crown embellished with pearls. Her cute curly hair and big eyes will make your little girl fall in love with this doll. The dress and shoes are not removable.


Amigurumi cuties are based on lilleliis`s one of the most favourited toy Tufty bunny. One pattern transforms into three different animals - bunny, teddy and puppy. All are in sitting position and decorated with lovely fabric details. It is an advanced pattern which requires skills and patience, but the result is worth the effort!  

Home and accessories

Crochet slippers


Beautiful cotton slippers for girls. Embellished with a rose and leaves.They come in a handmade gift box designed specially for lilleliis.  

Amigurumi patterns

Little kitty – pdf pattern


Little kitty is in sitting position and her striped tail keeps nicely upright. Eyelashes and lovely spangle tattoo on the side makes her even cuter.