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Christmas tree garland pattern is actually much more then it says. It`s so versatile and gives a lot of space for creativity. In this pattern you will get tree instructions with 3 different ideas of assembling. The garland can be used as a decoration on walls, shelves etc. The tree motif can be used separately as a tree ornament or in gift wrapping. Let your imagination guide you! Pattern in English, Spanish, Dutch and Danish.


Jester the Christmas gnome is a happy fellow with whom to wait for the Christmas magic to happen. This doll has been inspired by Waldorf dolls. His clothes, hat and boots are non-removable. You can take off the scarf. Pattern in English, Dutch and Danish.


Meet Martin the Light-hearted snowman. With his open heart and sincere smile he wants to fill everyones heart with warmth and kindness. Martin is a lifelike snowman with charcoal buttons, branches as arms and an old bucket like hat. Pattern in English, German and Dutch.


Crochet snowflake bunny is a lovely winter inspired toy. Perfect gift for someone born in winter. Handmade using some luxury mixtures of merino wool and cotton. It`s natural, soft and just a little hairy. Super cozy scarf around her neck is embellished with a wooden snowflake button. Her ears are covered with embroidered stitches imitating the falling snow.


Little angel doll is charming and tender. Thanks to her thin body she reminds of a paper doll. This advanced level pattern teaches you with step-by-step photos of how to make waldorf type of hair as well as head and body in one piece. Not recommended for playing for small babies. Pattern in English, Dutch and Danish.