amazing journey to amigurumi

I am Mari-Liis. Most of my life I´ve been playing the piano and never imagined I could do anything else! However, my life changed completely when I was expecting my third child and felt the need for a hobby. I tried knitting and sewing, but that just wasn`t it. One winter evening I brought home my first crochet hook and a book which taught the basic stitches.  That was the beginning of a passion. A love from the first sight. Soon I found amigurumi and started feeling the endless joy of creating toys. The first ones were made to free patterns found on the internet, but soon I started inventing my own ones.  My creations are known as lilleliis toys and patterns.

It has been an amazing journey. I want to thank my kids for being the source of my inspiration and my husband for his support. Thank you all for encouraging me to go on.

Mari-Liis Lille