Ergonomic crochet hook, Clover


Ergonomic crochet hook Clover. Made in Japan, the homeland of amigurumi.

The ergonomic design of Clover crochet hooks makes this one of the most comfortable hooks in the world. It`s lightweight and ergonomic. This crochet hook is designed to make crocheting comfortable for your fingers and hand. Your hands won’t feel fatigue after long hours of crocheting. Soft touch and comfort grip for easy crocheting. Optimal shape for smooth crocheting.

Lilleliis recommends:

You might think the difference between crochet hooks can`t be that big, but I`ll guarantee you, there IS a huge difference. I discovered Clover crochet hooks when I was struggling with tired hands and cramps. Switching from a metal hook to ergonomic hook was impressive. I never imagined I could crochet hours without pain. I highly recommend Clover crochet hooks to anyone who needs to crochet a lot.

In my shop I offer hooks in 3 different sizes that are widely used in amigurumi.