Pearl cotton Puppets Perle 8


Pearl cotton Puppets Perle 8 is what you need to finish up your amigurumis. It`s the perfect thread for embroidering the face or sewing fabric details on crochet surface.

Lilleliis recommends:

  • Use black and brown shades to embroider the mouth, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, freckles, whiskers and many other face elements.
  • Use pink and red shades to embroider the cheeks or use the thread to sew pieces of felt as cheeks.
  • Use white and beige shade to add fabric details to amigurumi, such as patches on the ears, feet, tummy etc.


Weight: 10g

Material: 100% cotton

Manufacturer: Germany (produced in Hungary)


Hand wash at 60 °C