Amigurumi patterns

Candy bunny – pdf pattern


Candy bunny will delight kids with her sweet look and yummy candy like dots covering her body. You will only need single crochet for making the pieces, but be prepared for experienced sewing techniques and some basic knowledge of stitching. The toy doesn`t stand on it`s own.


Candy bunny is so funny! He has lots of candy-like dots covering his body and a cute bow around his neck. Bunny does not stand on it`s own. Unique author piece!


Frilly-pants Bunny is a sweet and gleeful bunny – the best companion for little girls to travel through their childhood. She`s wearing a non-removable striped dress with puffed sleeves and cute pants with frills. Tiny buttons on her dress and fabric patches covering her ears make her really special.  


Long-ear Rabbit is a gleeful bunny – the best companion for little boys to travel through their childhood. He`s wearing a striped sweater and non-removable trousers with suspenders. Ears covered with fabric make him really special.  


Mõmmik is the mascot teddy bear of Tartu University Hospital Children`s Foundation. In 2015 lilleliis was honored to create an actual toy of the mascot. From each purchase 25 euros will be donated to the foundation which will use the money mainly for helping kids with rare diseases.


Mystique the Fox is an elegant and charming amigurumi toy. The design itself is simple bringing out the beauty of pure wool. A special characteristics is given by some nice decorative elements, hand stitched face and brushed tail.


Simon the Sleepyhead is a cute teddy bear wearing pajamas. He has a pillow with him, so he is ready to go straight to bed. Big brown eyes and small details make him especially cute.



Teddy bear hat

15.00 8.33

Warm and cosy teddy bear hat for toddlers (age 3-5). Made using bulky yarn mainly consisting of natural lambs and alpaca wool. Child-friendly snap closure.


This teddy bear is made using the softest merino wool. His tummy is embellished with a sweet polka dot fabric. He is wearing a removable scarf.