Free pattern of the small cats

I have published a new FREE pattern. It`s a small cat with joined legs. Actually the toy was created for the workshop held in April, but as many people liked the design I decided to share it with you.

free amigurumi cat pattern (7)
free amigurumi cat pattern (3)

It is a great model for those who already have made some simple amigurumis, but want to learn new things. This small cat teaches you how to make an animal with joined legs.

I made it in two versions – as a boy with a striped blouse and as a girl with a ruffled skirt. I think it`s great for the beginners to see how you can really easily change the basic pattern and add elements that change the outlook.

free pattern amigurumi cat

Before writing this post I also tried real cat eyes with slit pupil. I used 10 mm safety eyes, added some beads and somewhat changed the nose. And the result is absolutely refreshing!

free amigurumi cat pattern (2)

I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Click here and find the pattern in English, Dutch, French, Hungarian and Danish.

23 thoughts on “Free pattern of the small cats

  1. Lorena says:

    I’m really having fun doing this beautiful kitty. I do have a question: on the head you end with a round of 18 sc. so I do not close off the head, just leave it open and sew to body like that? I’m just a bit confused. New to amigorumi crochet and every single creature I’ve made, you finish off the head, like a complete ball/ oval.

  2. Gaby Galindo says:

    Hi! Thank u so much for this pattern. I loved! I’m having a little bit of trouble to make the skirt. In round 15 when I’m supposed to sc in back loops only, do I have to use the yellow yarn or I still using grey yarn? And after that, do I continue to crochet the body until the end before finish the skirt? Thank you!!

    • lilleliis says:

      The back loops only round is worked with the body color. You finish the body and only then add the skirt using the front loops that were previously left out of the work.

  3. Liz says:

    Your pattern is not clear to me. I’m stuck on round 3 of the head. If I’m understanding correctly, you do step 3 six times? Or do you do round 3 and then repeat it 6 MORE times (making it 7 times total). And also, I did round 3 twice, but the second time I got a lot more than 18 stitches. How do you get 18 stitches every time?

    • lilleliis says:

      It`s like math! You repeat the text between the brackets as many times as said (usually 6).
      Let`s say the pattern says (sc in next st, 2 sc in next st) rep 6 times [18]. The text between the brackets gives you 3 stitches, and now if you repeat it 6 times you`ll get 18 stitches in total.

  4. Jacque Peach says:

    How do I attach the head to the body? The pattern doesn’t say to tie off the head or tie off the body, do I crochet the two together? I’m just confused.

  5. Marion Barrie says:

    Hi there, I have just started thes cats, which I think are the nicest ami cats on the web! I’ve completed my head, but I am struggling so much to get the ears to look anything like the ones in your pictures. Can anyone help please? I am a beginner to crochet and there is probably something really obvious that I am missing :-(

    Any advice/tips most welcome!



  6. normiejw23 says:

    I love these cats!!!! almost finished with my first one and want to add the skirt, but I’m not sure what stitches are the ones that were left out to begin the skirt…the pattern reads “Crochet into the first loops on the body that were previously left out of the work.”??? Thank you so much for sharing this free pattern :-)

    • lilleliis says:

      Please read the note in the yellow box. For making the skirt you need to crochet in the back loops only on round 15 on the body. Afterwards you can use the front loops of round 15 to add the skirt.

      • normiejw23 says:

        Thank you for making it so simple:) I totally forgot about that yellow box…it makes complete sense now:) Again thank you for sharing the free pattern and I will be purchasing more patterns, I love your designs and the extra little details you give each little critter.

  7. Simon Charwey says:

    Adorable and cutest patterns! Please can you twitte a link of some of your adorable patterns to @wryt4kids (our twitter account) for our lovely audience to visit your website? In fact, we’re recommending you today.

  8. Lydia says:

    Hello! This pattern is so cute! It looks like the links to the patterns are broken. Can you fix them? I am in the middle of creating a cat for my friend’s daughter but can’t finish without instructions. Thank you so much!
    – Lydia

    • Lydia says:

      Actually, It appears to work now. I think it is just the quick link button at the top for English that doesn’t work – it shows a 404 error page. Again, wonderful pattern and thank you so much!

  9. Rebecca Legi says:

    Hi Mari-Liis!

    I really love the cat pattern! thank you so much! I am very confused on how to go about the skirt of the cat though. Is there anyway you could post a video on it or provide more information on it? Thank you!

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