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New giant teddy bear

I made this in June. Never believed I would make a giant toy as the size have never been a goal for me.

The idea of making something that big isn`t mine. It`s an order from another Estonian home and craft magazine and the pattern will be published in the near months. I have already started the English version. They wanted a really big crochet teddy bear. At first I was a little scared. I know making big toys is complicated. It takes a huge amount of time and it`s hard to get the proportions right. On the other side I felt excitement of the opportunity to make something totally new. Read More

Funny bunny – free amigurumi pattern

On March I worked on a bunny pattern for publishing in an Estonian magazine writing about families, kids, upbringing, home etc. They have the kind of a “do-it-yourself” column and as amigurumi is becoming more and more popular here they asked for a toy pattern. Read More

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