Funny bunny – free amigurumi pattern

On March I worked on a bunny pattern for publishing in an Estonian magazine writing about families, kids, upbringing, home etc. They have the kind of a “do-it-yourself” column and as amigurumi is becoming more and more popular here they asked for a toy pattern.

It had to be a very simple pattern for complete beginners. So I used simple shapes and chose the middle size which is the best to work with. I made it in neutral colors to attract boys as well as girls moms.

I included a couple of ideas of how to decorate the bunny – added some felt as the cheeks, fabric heart on the ear and some stitches on the bunnies tummy. There are a plenty of more ways to embellish the toy and it`s a wonderful way for everyone to show their creativity.

Funny bunny pattern is for free and you will find it here.

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