My first amigurumi pig

Actually this is the second pig, but it`s the developed version of the first one so I hope you won`t mind if I call it the first one :)

I started with the pigs already in winter – loved how the head and face turned out, but wasn`t satisfied with the body and limbs. So I started over and made another type of the body, similar to Misty crocheted already in previous spring. I really love the result and I got inspired, so I eagerly wait when I can come back to this theme and explore it a little bit more.














As you can see my piggy is light lilac instead of pink. The only reason for that is that I didn`t have suitable pink at home when I started with her. I got a little struggled when I started to decorate her as I didn`t find the color that would match with lilac. Finally I found the red one and was surprised myself how beautiful they are together.

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