Bunny, puppy and teddy – “Amigurumi cuties”

These are “Amigurumi cuties” – the new pattern to crochet three aborable softies – bunny, puppy and teddy.

Their story goes back to the end of 2010 when I made the first bunny of this type. It was an inspiration for a long time. In the next years I made several bunnies using different colors and fabrics. I believe it is one of the most favourited toy by my fans and the pattern has been asked so many times.

I love to use woollen or half-woollen yarn for this toy. It gives a nice contrast with eyes patches from cotton yarn and cotton fabric pieces on the ears and feet. The bunny is called Tufty-bunny due to the huge tufty tail it has.

Soon after creating the bunny, I transformed it into a bear and a squirrel. The pattern seemed to be prefect to make different kinds of animals. This year, after a long break, I fulfilled an idea that has been on my mind for a long time – I made a puppy using the same model. It is super sweet, just as I imagined!

The pattern was named “Amigurumi cuties” as they are so sweet together. I love them all and hope you will have lots of fun with the pattern.

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