Little dragon – challenge of the previous week

Yesterday we celebrated our little boys 4th birthday. This amigurumi dragon was a gift for him. Actually it was a true crochet marathon, because I started with it only three days before his birthday. I wasn`t fully aware if I am going to make a dinosaur or a dragon.I just let things happen. Despite I imagined something simple and almost laconic, the toy came out quite difficult and with many details.

I started with choosing the fabric for the legs and picked the yarn to match the fabric. For the first time I used Paris, cotton yarn by Drops Design. Usually I start with the head and crochet the body and limbs according to the head. This time I had no idea which kind of the head I wanted to do, so I made it the opposite way. I started with the legs, then made the body, tail and arms. Only then I made the head, armoured plates (I hope it`s the correct word for the things he has on his back!) and wings. To bring it all together was a challenge. I followed my intuition and let my hands do the job. Felt good.

Making the body part went really smoothly. The head and face was which took time to figure out. Probably because I didn`t have a plan. However, children really love the result. Especially his little mouth. They say this is where he breathes the fire :)

I made as many armours as I felt it needed. The idea to make wings came on the last moment. I guess this was the moment he actually became a dragon!

He also has a name – Naaskel. In English it means the awl. Estonians use the word to describe a kid who is naughty.

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