Crochet spiderman hat

spiderman crochet hat

Today as I was on the street with our youngest son who was happily playing around and riding his lovely pink scooter, I realized I had never taken pictures of the Spiderman hat which is one of our boys favourites. Actually made already years ago for the oldest son. Now the smaller one is wearing the exact same hat and it still looks marvellous.

If you ask me how did I do it, then I`d have to say “I don`t know”. The only thing I remember is that I was inspired by a Spiderman blanket found somewhere on the internet and as there were free instructions included I started to modify these into a hat. Also I remember having difficulties with the process and a lot of rip up, but when it finally took shape I was happy and so proud of myself.

It really has been a huge hit for the boys. Both of them have eagerly waited for the spring to come to wear this hat!

20 thoughts on “Crochet spiderman hat

  1. B West says:

    Would you please let me know what crochet stitch was used for the hat. I’m trying to make one

  2. Brenda says:

    love the look of this hat. you did a great job,, I have made items such as yourself by just winging it and not writing down the pattern only to find that down the road I wished I had, but regardless, be proud ,this is one unique hat and it looks great :)

  3. JUDY Johnson says:

    I would love to try to make this for my grandson he is really into Spider-Man hat pattern . Thanks

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