Amigurumi Anita doll

anita doll amigurumi pattern

This is Anita doll from a specific looking amigurumi doll collection inspired by a drawing by my daughter when she was 4 I think. The first doll in the collection was Sofia. Later came Rudy the Redhead, Princess Silver-shoe and Anita. A couple of years ago, for my latest doll book, I created 2 new girls – Bianka and Arabella. You will find them in my book Lovable Amigurumi Toys.

In this post I will talk more about Anita doll.

anita doll amigurumi pattern
anita doll amigurumi head

In the first version of the pattern it was actually called Gypsy girl Anita for it`s exotic look, dark hair etc. Later the name was changed because the word gypsy has got a racist connotation. Well, the characteristics of the doll still remains the same. I love it`s brave colors that give her the vigorous expression. Most surely girls will fall in love with her dark curly hair.

anita doll amigurumi pattern

After Sofia, which was my first and simpler doll, I went more advanced with Anita and tried different kinds of small details that play an important role in her look. For example the collar and lacy edges of the sleeves. Ribbon the the dress as well as in the hair. And of course the lacy part of the dress.

anita doll amigurumi dress

This Anita doll was made for a customer. She is 34 cm / 13.4 in tall. The doll has very special hand painted safety eyes.

Instead of the original color scheme, we agreed to go with a purple and pink combination.

anita doll amigurumi pattern
anita doll amigurumi pattern

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