Juicy apple rattle

crochet juicy apple rattle

I am so happy to show you my new juicy apple rattles. It is known that babies are fond of colors, so I think such colorful and happy smiling fruits may become a hit!

The idea simply popped into my mind about a week ago, so I drew it in my sketchbook. Because it seemed like an easy thing to do, I decided to give it a try during the Easter holidays. I must say it was fun, and Drops Cotton Light was very inspiring yarn to work with!

The first rattle was worked in two pieces, so first I made the apple and later added the handle. The second version is done almost in one piece, starting with the stem and ending with the handle. I might even like the last version better, even though attaching the eyes and stitching the face was a bit more complicated.

What do you think? Will babies enjoy those happy fellows?

crochet juicy apple rattle

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