Amigurumi moose

amigurumi moose
amigurumi moose

Meet amigurumi moose! It`s the first animal of Amigurumi Nordic Forest Mystery CAL.

The participants of the crochet along have already shared many gorgeous versions of him, and I am extremely happy about their feedback and how much they seem to like the design.

I chose moose for this CAL because it`s the biggest mammal living in Eurasia. It`s the king of Nordic forests. The closest moose to my house lives in the forest about 500 meters away. We have met. I must admit, it was kind of spooky, cause he’s soooo big.

Making an amigurumi moose was super exciting, because I have never ever crocheted a moose before. Inventing the antlers… Well, that took quite a lot of time, and a lot of rip off. But I got there, and I´m really happy for the majestic yet cute look that I achieved.


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