Anita doll finally became a pattern

amigurumi pattern anita doll
amigurumi crochet doll
amigurumi pattern anita doll

In the end of 2013 I started working on Anita doll pattern. Actually there was an Estonian woman, who wanted to order this doll and she was willing to wait about 9 month until I finally had time to work on it. So I thought I`d use this situation and create the pattern as well.

The doll was first created in 2012. Many of you probably remember her, the others may see the blog post here.

crochet doll hair
crochet doll dress

The doll had to be as similar as possible to the first version. Still I had to make some changes to the shoes because I was lacking of yarn. This is how the new type of shoes were invented.

Anita doll is special because of the small details. I especially love the collar and the edging of the sleeves. I made bigger bows to embellish her curly hair and liked her this way even better.

amigurumi doll crochet dress

There is something mystical and vigorous about her. The colors and the dark green eyes… But of course you can use whatever colors you like to create different results.

Find pattern in my shop.

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