Crochet kitchen cloths

Lately I´ve been working on some new interesting crochet projects. One of them is making kitchen cloths. I have seen them many times on the internet and wondered how beautiful those handmade accessories are. They really make your home look like a much more beautiful place!

So I tried making them myself and was happy of how relaxing it was. No stuffing and fastening safety eyes. Only me, my yarn and hook! And there`s one more thing – you can try new stitches and surfaces you have never used before.

I had one concern though. Will they be useful in the kitchen or just a beautiful thing which you`ll actually never use???!!! Well, now that I have used my washing cloth I can surely tell that it does it`s work perfectly. So I am truly positively surprised. The future will tell if, after cleaning it in the washing machine, it still looks nice and useful. But till now I am more than happy with my new kitchen accessories.

The ones on the photos were made for a family member as a birthday gift. I hope she likes them too.

I you want to make yourself some kitchen cloths then I advise to check Garnstudio`s website. They seem to have some beautiful crocheted as well as knitted cloth patterns there.

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