New crochet pattern – Gingerbread house ornament

crochet pattern gingerbread house
crochet gingerbread house pattern

Are you eager to make some Christmas crochet?! Home decorations, tree ornaments, something to make your presents distinct from others?

I am happy to present a new crochet pattern – Gingerbread house ornament.

Make crispy cotton gingerbread houses with white yarn sugar glaze for hanging on the Christmas tree or decorating the gifts. Or attach them into a garland to decorate the house. Looks delicious!

Little gingerbread ornaments are easy to make if you know single crochet and double crochet. You`ll also need surface slip stitch, but that`s explained with several photos in the pattern. I´m also showing two different options for the roof – imitating the snow or stone.

!!! Just a little hint for you if you`re planning to make some gingerbread houses: I needed 5 grams of main yarn for each little house ornament.

crochet pattern gingerbread house
crochet gingerbread pattern

It’s weird how this idea appeared to me one evening, just before falling asleep. I visualized these houses chrystal clear in my mind. And I knew I have to make it, just have to. So the next day I took some yarn and a hook and it all worked up so naturally and easily. It`s similar to how it was with Christmas tree garland, which has now become a very popular pattern before holidays.

Crochet your homes beautiful!

crochet gingerbread house ornament
crochet gingerbread house pattern

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