Crochet Power T-shirts

Let me present T-shirts designed especially for crochet lovers (read: me). It`s definitely my dress code for this summer. Love them with jeans, shorts or even my favourite black skirt. I`m a T-shirt person, can`t help it!

slogan about crochet t-shirt
slogan about crochet t-shirt
slogan about crochet t-shirt
slogan about crochet t-shirt

Below you can see me wearing the crochet Habitat Cardigan designed by Jess Coppom. It`s something really special I made myself this spring. Pure merino wool, mmm… It just happened to be there when we took photos, so I got some great shots of my cardigan as well :) Thank you, Annika!

I am very interested in hearing which T-shirt / design you like the best. Or maybe you have some other cool crocheter shirt you`re proudly wearing?

Any of you who wants to order a T-shirt should click here.

3 thoughts on “Crochet Power T-shirts

  1. Lisa says:

    This shirt looks so stylish. I really like the pattern and shade of this shirt so much. I want this shirt. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Susan Brossard says:

    I love a shirt I bought which is a play in words. It says: I am a Knotty Knotty Hooker. I saw another one that said: I’m Hooked

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